Commencement is only the beginning for our multi-talented grads who continuously work hard to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.

For Matt Palmisano, ’14, his current position as the director of advance and trip coordinator for the Office of the First Lady puts him at arm’s lengths with some of the world’s most powerful leaders on a daily basis — a position that was fueled by his background as a leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics, and law student.

“My classes helped me consider the way people act and make decisions,” he said. “They challenged me to think in different ways … and what I learned helped me to be a better negotiator and a better representative for our first lady and country.”

Some of his duties include traveling ahead of Melania Trump to scout her planned visits, organizing a motorcade for her and the president, overseeing her meetings and logistics, speaking to the press, and coordinating logistics with the first lady’s Secret Service detail.

We love hearing what our alums are up to, so please keep us posted!

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