As the first institution in the nation to create a school dedicated to leadership, we pride ourselves on fostering a community of people who are icons in their fields. Cultivating that kind of leadership through mentorship is something President Crutcher has made a priority — and an essential duty of his presidency.

In a recent The Change Leader podcast, President Crutcher discussed the importance of offering guidance to potential leaders. Because he’s had mentors who changed his life, he seeks to pay it forward and encourage promising faculty members to participate in leadership programs, seeing it as “an investment in the leadership wellbeing of our university and personal investment in the individual.”

“What I’ve learned is the importance of being on the lookout for people with potential and then … taking the next step to invite that person to come and have a conversation with you,” Crutcher said.  

This podcast is the latest reminder of why we’re lucky to have him at Richmond. Thank you for all you do, President Crutcher!

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