Richmond professors bring students along with them for in-depth research, opening the doors for real-life opportunities and real-world implications. But how about reaching out to the rest of our Spider community, too? Well, geography professor Stephanie Spera happens to be calling on all of us.

With a recent fellowship from the National Park Service, Spera is using satellite data to study the effects of climate change on fall foliage in Maine’s Acadia National Park — but she needs unfiltered photos before the year 2000 to complement her work.

“We want to understand how climate factors have affected fall foliage in Acadia and if changes in fall foliage have affected park visitor use patterns, which have implications for park management, the local economies of towns on and around Mount Desert Island, and those of us who love visiting Acadia in the fall,” she said during a recent interview.

Spiders are always inclined to help each other out, so dust off your photo albums and send images her way!

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