We know alums are proud of Richmond, but it’s not every day that a pair is inspired to start their own company and name it in honor of their alma mater. Classics majors — and twins — Sugandh and Surabhi Gupta, ’16, did just that, creating technology startup SpiderTwin Solutions based in their hometown of Mumbai, India.

“The anxiety and fear that comes with pursuing a new field of study was nonexistent because being immersed in Richmond’s liberal arts curriculum for four years challenged us to be critical thinkers and confident decision-makers,” Surabhi said.

The Guptas’ journey at UR started in finance, but migrated to liberal arts where they say their studies in foreign languages, research, and diverse fields of study prepared them to be entrepreneurs.

Any Richmond grad can tell you why a liberal arts education is valuable, but stories like this make it clear!

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