The Richmond education means more than just receiving a prestigious diploma. It means developing connections with mentors who care deeply about how their students learn and grow throughout their college career — like accounting legends Paul Clikeman and Joe Ben Hoyle.

The Robins School Teaching Fellows emphasize our focus on high-quality instruction, and Clikeman and Hoyle are this year’s examples of Master Teachers who serve as role models and mentors for other business school faculty.

“There’s something in every person who wants to be pushed to be great, I believe that religiously,” Hoyle said. “I view my job like a dance. In a dance, two parties come together, and if they push each other, as hard as they can push each other to be great, they will create something that’s absolutely fabulous. You’ve got to push each other. And when it works, it is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.”

We are so thankful for professors like Clikeman and Hoyle who make Richmond such a special place!

Pictured above: Paul Clikeman, Robins Dean Mickey Quiñones, and Joe Ben Hoyle

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