Our students work hard to achieve their goals — no matter their place in life or when they choose to enter our Spider Family. When it comes to nontraditional students — those of us who are juggling family life or who have delayed college — even national news outlets notice how much a Richmond diploma can transform someone’s life.

Sarah Petty, C’19, was just featured in U.S. News & World Report for her experience as a nontraditional student pursuing an education degree while also raising three children with her husband. Initially wanting to show her kids how important higher education is, she said Richmond was the perfect fit — and she ultimately went on to become president of UR’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies' Student Government Association.

"Most nontraditional students, I feel, are going for that piece of paper,” Petty said, “But by finding ways to become involved, and getting to know your peers and getting to know your professors and finding that support system, it truly becomes a transformational experience.”

We’re so proud of Sarah for sharing her story and earning that sought-after diploma!

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