What’s better than a national fellowship supporting new research? How about two! Religious studies professor Mimi Hanaoka knows the feeling because she’s been recognized for her research on Iran-Japan relations — and has a lot planned for the coming year.

Her fellowship from the Social Science Research Council supports the development of a new course for UR students and event series on campus about InterAsian content, and her Mednick Fellowship by the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges supports her new book project, “Views of the Asian Other: Educational Reform and Models of Modernity for Japan and Muslim Reformers.” 

“The event series will launch an important and ongoing scholarly conversation at the University of Richmond amongst scholars within and beyond our university whose projects are grounded in Transregional InterAsian perspectives on East Asia, West Asia, and South Asia and Islam,” Hanaoka said.

Congratulations, Dr. Hanaoka!

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