We know Richmond professors are top-notch, but we’re not the only ones — they’re seen as excellent leaders through the eyes of communities-at-large, too.

For example, UR Law professor Tara Casey was inducted into the 2019 class of Virginia Law Foundation Fellows, which recognizes top leaders in the industry. Elected by her peers, Casey, who is also the director of the Carrico Center for Pro Bono and Public Service, is among the 500 best lawyers in Virginia.

“It’s [the type of work that Tara] does, a lot of which is unknown, except to those closest to her and those benefiting from her work, that’s part of the real genuineness of what she’s doing,” said Ray White, executive director of the Foundation. “She’s not doing it for the publicity … she’s doing it because it needs to be done.”

Congratulations on this much-deserved recognition, Tara!

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