The exceptional professors and classroom experiences at Richmond set the tone for our students’ future successes. Sometimes it happens with a single course — like in the case of senior Brandon Kunick, ’19, who took a particular accounting class that ultimately enhanced the trajectory of his collegiate career.

Kunick says he set out to study French, but taking a course with professor Joe Ben Hoyle during his first year changed his life, leading him to a double-major in accounting and French, as well as landing in KPMG’s global internship program in Malaysia. 

“His class was a shock to my system,” Kunick said. “It made me fall in love with accounting.”

Hoyle’s teaching style and the Robins School preparation helped set him up for success during the internship — and he has since secured a job upon graduation next spring.

“When you have a student [who] consistently works that hard, it is never a surprise when they do well,” Hoyle said of his time working with Kunick. “We have a strong program, and he has been challenged to do more than just memorize accounting rules.”

We love these examples of a Richmond education opening all kinds of doors. We wish the best of luck to Brandon at KPMG!

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