Richmond professors are prone to working collaboratively with colleagues in their fields — both across the country and around the world. It’s that kind of shared knowledge base that introduces our students to a wide range of scholarship.

The latest example is Mariela Méndez, a professor of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian studies, who has been awarded a $20,000 collaborative grant from the Chilean National Commission on Scientific and Technological Investigation. Along with scholars from Chile, Argentina, and America, Méndez is embarking on a two-year project advancing research on feminist contributions in Latin American and American magazines.

“I am thrilled to engage in meaningful work that can yield incredible findings across and beyond national borders while helping provide a methodology and a framework for the study of magazines as cultural artifacts,” Méndez said.

She’s joining the rest of the research team in Santiago, Chile, in March to kick off the project, followed by an international symposium. We are proud Dr. Méndez will be representing us abroad!

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