One of the things we love about classes at Richmond is the opportunity to venture off campus and into the local community, whether to learn about real-world issues or make a positive impact. 

Take Jennifer Sevin’s ecology class and Heather Russell’s math class — both groups have taken what they’ve learned in class so far to help others in Richmond. The ecology class is studying habitat restoration and invasive species, so they teamed up with the James River Association to plant native trees on nearby Chapel Island.

“The students were able to put in some labor and hopefully be able to watch the result of it in the years to come,” Sevin said. “It was a learning experience for them and now they understand more about engaging with the local environment. It gives a sense of place and community involvement.”

Meanwhile, Russell and 20 students participated in a Girls in Math Day, designed to get local middle school girls excited about pursuing mathematics. They hosted an activity about the mathematical strategy and logic behind the game Tic-Tac-Toe to demonstrate that math doesn’t have to look like algebra or geometry.

“Whenever you are using logic to analyze a game, you are using mathematical skills,” Russell said. “Our UR students worked one-on-one with the middle school students through a series of questions, getting the students thinking more deeply about how the game works.”

We’re proud of our faculty and students who are passionate about giving back — not just to our Spider Family, but the local community as well.

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