David SalisburyOne of our favorite things about Richmond professors is that they go above and beyond to push the boundaries of their research — and they take undergrads along for the ride. 

Geography and environment professor David Salisbury is just the most recent example after receiving an international grant from the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History to research environmental challenges in the Amazon. He plans to lead a project focused on identifying and mapping environmental challenges in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon — with up to two Spiders receiving funding to accompany him. 

“The area of interest contains a mosaic of protected areas, including some of the most biodiverse landscapes in the Amazon rainforest, as well as reserves set aside for Indigenous people,” Salisbury said.

The research team will work to update a transboundary geospatial database, identify threats to Amazonian biological and cultural diversity, and create a suite of thematic maps useful for planning.

We’re proud of the work David is spearheading, as well as the fact that Richmond is a place facilitating such immersive research opportunities for our students.

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