What distinguishes Richmond from peer institutions is the continuous strive to create meaningful and innovative opportunities for our students. It’s initiatives like the Richmond Guarantee that set us apart, and rankings — like the latest from College Consensus — that recognize our unique curriculum deserve to be shared.

By combining the results of all of the most reputable college ranking publishers and thousands of real student reviews, College Consensus has named UR to the nation’s top 10 list for underrated colleges doing great things.

This rank signifies that we’re not only a top-ranked college, but one that prizes innovation and creating an ideal learning environment.

“Above all, the Richmond Guarantee offers all students a $4000 fellowship to pay for internship, study abroad, and other opportunities, making the University of Richmond one of the best colleges for experiential learning,” the article noted.

We’re proud to offer opportunities that are on par with the country’s Ivies!

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