Spider students don’t settle for anything less than the best — which is partly why they choose UR to begin with (wink wink) — so when our b-school came in second place last year in the National Team Selling Competition, this year’s team went above and beyond to take home the No. 1 spot.

Lily Howlett, ’19, Paige Moynihan, ’19, Torey Walsh, ‘19, Dejon Brissett, ’19, and Xavier McCormick, ’20, represented UR against 23 schools from across the country. They studied and prepped three different presentations to pitch to judges, and prevailed against Michigan State and Indiana in the final round.

Jeff Carlson, assistant professor of marketing, coached the team in the weeks prior to the competition along with fellow marketing profs Adam Marquardt and Bill Bergman. Carlson said this was the most competitive team he has ever coached, which he thinks gave them the drive to win first place.

“We were competing against schools that have sales programs, but our team presented itself in a way that can't be taught. We were personable and natural,” Brissett said. “When they announced us as the winners, it was a feeling of accomplishment, knowing all the work we put in had paid off. Now we get to say we're the best sales team in the nation.”

Our big win is a testament to both the dedicated faculty who spent hours working with the undergrads and the committed students who were determined to do their best.

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