The research projects happening at Richmond can transcend the campus — with our students’ work being used in high school classrooms, college courses, journalists’ articles, and more.

Working in collaboration with Virginia Tech, Richmond students Katrina Hayes-Macaluso, ’19, Anna Moorhead, ’19, Chloe McKinney, ’20, and Ava Clarke, ’20, worked in our Digital Scholarship Lab to launch “Electing the House of Representatives,” which allows citizens, journalists, and scholars to explore patterns in America’s democratic landscape across time.

The DSL consistently develops innovative digital humanities projects that help us better understand historical records — and their current project is the most comprehensive map of House election results in existence.

“Long term, this project is going to help enhance the conversation of political changes and swings throughout history in certain regions,” GIS Project Manager & Analyst Justin Madron said. “It’s amazing how much work the students completed. We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

Our students’ work in the DSL is known to garner national media attention, and we’re proud it influences so many. We can’t wait to see what they produce next!

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