Richmond professors are known for being at the forefront of their research, thereby benefiting our students’ own academic journeys. We’ve had a few prestigious grants lately, and the newest one is out of the computer science department.

Professor Sara Krehbiel has received a Mozilla research grant of more than $18,000 for her work with colleagues at Georgia Tech developing new tools protecting private data. Krehbiel’s work is focused on limiting the privacy loss someone experiences when their information is used to create an aggregate data product.

“For example,” Krehbiel explains, “a company that accumulates data from a growing base of customers may wish to analyze how its customer base evolves over time … relatively little is known about differential privacy in this setting. This project develops new tools to address that.”

We’re proud of you and your work, Dr. Krehbiel! We’re glad to know we’ve got researchers like you looking out for us.

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