When it comes to national accolades, we’re already off to a strong start this year. We’re so proud of our professors who work diligently to create research opportunities for our Spider scholars. 

Physics professor Jerry Gilfoyle’s latest $275,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will support not only our electromagnetic nuclear physics program at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator facility, but stipends for two undergraduate research students as well. Gilfoyle has taught at Richmond since 1987, and like all our professors throughout their tenure, he has continually pushed the boundaries of his research. This time, his team will measure electric currents inside the neutron to better understand fundamental particles that form our universe.

“We've known for decades that protons and neutrons, the components of the dense cores of atoms, are made of even smaller particles called quarks and gluons, but the force that binds those particles together to form nuclei, and ultimately ourselves, is still a mystery,” Gilfoyle said. 

Even those of us who aren’t scientists can appreciate Dr. Gilfoyle’s dedication. Congratulations to his team!   

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