When our student scholars graduate, they leave campus with not only their heightened ambition, but a strong knowledge base that positions them to become leaders in their fields. We owe their research experience to our professors who work tirelessly to ensure they bring the latest training to their classrooms.

Take psychology professor Cindy Bukach, who is the latest Spider to receive a National Science Foundation grant for her work. Specializing in cognitive neuroscience, she prepares undergraduates for research in STEM-related fields.

Bukach and her team are developing an open access database for faculty to access experiments for hands-on lab exercises, best practices and materials for involving students in research.

“It is my hope that these materials will encourage more faculty to involve undergraduates in authentic research experiences,” Bukach said.

Congratulations, Dr. Bukach! We are proud of your work in making STEM education more accessible.  

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