We recently shared a story about our commitment to access and affordability, and the national attention to our important initiatives keeps rolling in! This time it’s Forbes who included us in a roundup of the nation’s colleges with need-blind policies. We’re proud to be among the Ivies and other leading liberal arts institutions in our efforts to meeting full financial need of all admitted students, including those from outside the United States.

The article listed Richmond, Swarthmore College, Colgate University, Davidson College and Vassar College as the generous liberal arts colleges leading the pack alongside the likes of Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Chicago.

Here at Richmond, we take our commitment to college affordability very seriously. Our policies and initiatives (like our UR Summer Fellowships and becoming a founding member of the American Talent Initiative) ensure that talented students of all backgrounds — and all countries — can call Richmond home for four transformative years.

We are thrilled to be in the company of institutions making accessibility to higher education a priority.

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