If you’re part of our #SpiderFamily, then you already know we are committed to making a Richmond education affordable for talented students no matter their background. In fact, it’s one of the traits that makes us the most proud.

National attention for our commitment to access and affordability is continually increasing, including a recent study by College News that places us in the Top 5 for colleges with great financial aid packages. Who’s our company sharing the top tier? The nation’s Ivy Leagues, including Harvard and Yale.

They touted our annual financial aid package, which is now approximately $47,970, as a way to make a Richmond education more affordable.

Our commitment to affordability is the reason we have policies like need-blind admission and meeting full financial need for all admitted students. Becoming a founding member of the American Talent Initiative also has bolstered our efforts as we’re part of an alliance to substantially expand the number of talented low- and moderate-income students at America’s undergraduate institutions.

We’re thrilled to be recognized (again!) as a leader in these important initiatives.

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