Whether it’s on the field, court, or in the classroom, being part of the Spider family is all about a strong web of support (see what we did there?). If you’ve ever attended a game in the Robins Center, you certainly know the enthusiasm from Spider fans is like no other. 

This season, Spider fans showed their excitement before our men’s basketball team even took the court. Preseason numbers set the tone for the year with a record-breaking 3,300 annual ticket packages sold.

Plus, we finished the year with the highest number of fans in the Robins Center since the 1992–93 season with 97,379 people sporting their red and blue.

"We are proud of the support that Spider fans have shown this season,” said Scott Warner, assistant athletic director of marketing and fan development. “Fans know that when they come to the Robins Center, they are going to enjoy a great fan experience.”

We love having a supportive fan base and can’t wait to set more records in seasons to come! As always, go Spiders!

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