ThorntonOur professors’ influence has a tendency to reach others beyond our campus, and it’s proven in articles like the latest from Inc. Magazine. The magazine just released its curated list of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers for 2018 — including our very own Linda Fisher Thornton.

Thornton is an adjunct associate professor of human resource management in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies and has been teaching leadership classes since 2000. She’s also the owner and CEO of Leading in Context, a local leadership development firm. Through speeches and workshops, Thornton works to bring out the best in people and teaches executives about ethical leadership, which she describes is actually a continuum of different perspectives. 

The Inc. article’s author searched for the most innovative speakers with selection criteria including “the uniqueness of their ideas, and their ability to present their ideas in a compelling manner.”

We’re proud Linda is part of our faculty and that others are recognizing her expertise. Congratulations, Linda!

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