Faculty and staff love when the students come back from summer break. Everyone’s hungry to begin the academic year, and we thrive off the energy students bring to campus.

Students are the reason for our ambitious vision for Richmond. Our aspirations are built on a deep commitment to our students, while setting world standards for what it means to be a residential liberal arts university in the 21st century. 

“For it is the season of new hopes, a chance to glean the best of the past and invitation to learn new things with our students to become the people and place of our best aspirations,” Provost Jeff Legro told faculty and staff at Colloquy, our annual formal kick-off to the academic year. 

Legro, who joined UR this summer as executive vice president and provost, told faculty and staff that his welcome at Richmond confirmed for him what an exceptional university Richmond is as we prepare for our 188th academic session.

“An important reason for that standing has to do with the curiosity and passion you bring to your area of scholarship and how you teach it; it has to do with your deep commitment to students and their well-being inside and outside the classroom,” Legro said. “And it has to do with your inspiring ambition for this place.”

Speaking of inspiring ambition — UR celebrated eight faculty members at Colloquy who are innovating how our students learn both in and outside the classroom. 

“This is not a place that rests on its laurels, nor is it a place that neglects the restful reflection needed by those producing the laurels,” Legro said.

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the inspiring words, Provost. We’re excited to get this year started.

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