The world is figuring out what we’ve always known about how Richmond approaches higher education. Top-notch classes with leading faculty are a given. But it’s the way Richmond heightens every aspect of the experience that sets us apart. We’re thrilled that guidebooks are taking note.

The latest Fiske Guide selected UR for its 2018 edition of more than 300 “best and most interesting schools” in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, highlighting several of our innovative programs that equip students for ambitious lives after college.

“From first-of-their-kind academic programs to innovative out-of-classroom learning and networking opportunities, Richmond is working hard to push its vision of preprofessional education shaped by commitments to the liberal arts, leadership, and community involvement,” the guide notes.

Fiske points out our interdisciplinary Integrated Quantitative Science course, our Sophomore Scholars in Residence program, and our career-focused Spider Road Trips as initiatives that demonstrate our approach to education.

The guide also notes how UR is “at the forefront of the movement called ‘digital humanities,’” with projects like our Digital Scholarship Lab. The DSL, you may recall, has garnered attention from National Geographic and other national media for its data-filled maps.

And, as one of our students told Fiske: "Since many of our classes focus on experiential learning and group projects, we really cultivate a collaborative and supportive environment."

We can’t say it much better than that.

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