Most people have trouble picturing a former college president donning leather and hopping on a Harley-Davidson to ride across the country. But not all former presidents are like Bruce Heilman.

Before he was UR’s president, he served in the U.S. Marines at Okinawa during World War II. And he continues to be an awe-inspiring motorcyclist.

At 91, he’s become famous for his long cross-country rides across the United States to raise awareness for other World War II veterans and promote efforts to honor and preserve the legacy of the Greatest Generation. He’s completed this trip twice and already has plans to make the journey again next year.

“Most people have quit riding motorcycles at 70 — they don’t even get to 80. But I’ve never slowed down,” Heilman told a local news affiliate WHAS-TV in Kentucky. “I’ve ridden a lot more miles in my older years than I did before because I have time to do it and I have a purpose. If you don’t have a purpose in life, then you don’t have much to live for.”

He’s the perfect model of what we hope we’ll be like when we hit our 90s! On Monday, he arrived in Arlington, Va., as the leader of a pack of veterans coming to town for a Memorial Day remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery.

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