[Warning: you might get the urge to travel after this post.]

Richmond’s a globally oriented place where people come together from around the world to learn. And, we also are fortunate to be able to support many students, faculty, and staff who go abroad to study, complete an internship, or do research.

Today, we’re in awe of the snapshots that Spider faculty, staff, and students entered into the annual Spiders Abroad Photo Contest.

This year’s winners remind us how important it is to get outside our comfort zones and explore the world. And that UR is incredibly supportive to those who are eager to do so.

We’re thankful Richmond is the kind of place that encourages going beyond our borders to study and experience global culture. More than 60 percent of the Class of 2017 studied abroad before graduating, most, if not all, with support from Richmond. And you don’t have to go far to experience the world at UR. Each year, we also welcome many international and exchange students as Spiders.

Whether you studied abroad years ago or are about to set off on your first adventure abroad, we’re sending you good wishes and safe travels wherever the road may take you this summer.

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