Entrepreneurs, take note! One UR faculty member is part of a project you’ll want to consult as you work to turn your business ideas into a reality.

The Seed Accelerator Rankings Project is now in its fifth year of collecting research about startup accelerators, which provide education, mentoring, and early-stage investment to participating startups.

Susan Cohen, a management professor at Richmond, is a co-director of the rankings project, which is a collaborative effort between Yael Hochberg, an entrepreneurship and finance professor at Rice University, and Daniel Fehder, an assistant professor of management and organizations at the University of Southern California.

The project evaluates startup accelerators on several performance criteria and ranks accelerators in tiers. The report generates buzz each year, and many say the rankings help entrepreneurs better understand which programs fit their startup needs and perform strongest across factors like company valuation, survival, and founder satisfaction.

Forbes recently featured the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project and noted that startup accelerators remain one of tech’s most popular ways to get a business up and running.

“The last five years have seen the emergence of hundreds of groups titling themselves ‘accelerator,’” reads the project’s site. “But not all such programs meet the definition of accelerator, and even for those that do, there are often significant differences in program structure and goals.”

If you’re one of the many Spiders who have started or are considering starting your own business, you may want to give Cohen’s research a look. The 2017 rankings are online at the project’s website.