Illustration by Zoe VanDijk

We hope Tim Finchem, R’69, is enjoying his first summer of golf since retiring as commissioner of the PGA Tour last December. Why? Because he’s earned it.

After more than 20 years as PGA Tour Commissioner, Finchem left behind a transformed organization that has weathered challenging and changing times. University of Richmond Magazine featured him in its most recent issue — here’s an excerpt:

During his tenure, the Tour saw unprecedented television contracts, massive increases in prize money, a broadening roster of stars, and the establishment of signature new initiatives. It rode the emergence of Tiger Woods, survived the Great Recession, and became a charitable powerhouse.”

How Finchem became the leader of America’s most important golfing organization is as great a story as how he first became interested in the sport. He recalls being mesmerized by golf as a child since he hit his first golf ball into the air while milling around a military base golf course with his father, a Navy man.

His dedication and leadership in the PGA Tour make us proud, and his personal story helps shed light on how he became the man who would shape professional golf in the United States for more than two decades.

Bravo, Tim! Your time at the Tour was nothing short of a hole-in-one.