[Warning: this post may inspire a combination of nostalgia for some, and a little hunger.]

We’ve always known d-hall is pretty special, but it’s great to get some external validation.

This week, Southern Living named Richmond’s Heilman Dining Center one of the South’s most stunning dining halls. They specifically called out our location by Westhampton Lake and its great views for students who gather to eat.

D-hall is one of many places on campus where people come together in community. Southern Living may have only focused on what makes a great space, but we also know that the quality of food is just as important and Richmond’s is hard to beat these days.

Our success is fueled by more than award-winning food. Our hard-working staff are part of what makes our dining operation so exceptional. It’s more than just the treasure trove of d-hall desserts greeting patrons as they arrive. It’s also the people who bring creativity, talent, and kindness to campus.

If you seem unconvinced, we’d like to take you to lunch.