It takes a lot of work to produce a musical.

There’s the first step of choosing the perfect cast from among our many talented student performers. Then come months of rehearsals while the technical team of students behind the performers constructs the set, tweaks lighting designs, and ensures the all elements of the show run just as smoothly off stage as on.

All of that hard work is worth it when you’ve got students like ours. Our theatre and dance department is known for providing Spiders with great professional training for the stage, television, or the big screen, as well as the many careers that support the performing arts.

This weekend, the curtain rises on UR Theatre’s production of Godspell, directed by professor Dorothy Holland.

And we’re excited about the musical after watching this time-lapse video that shows all of the hard work students put into transforming the stage and rehearsing and all of the hours of mentoring they’ve received from our department’s outstanding professionals.

Bravo, Spiders! Brake a leg… or eight!